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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Does our information remain classified at ABC Translators?

Q: Yes. All our translators sign a declaration of secrecy, that applies to everything they see and hear in the course of their work.

A: How much time does a translation take?

Q: This depends on the complexity of the source texts. On average a translator can translate between 1200 and 1800 words a day. Checking of the text (and editing, if necessary) is included in the delivery time.

A: How can I be sure of the quality of ABC Translators' work?

Q: We have a varied and large number of long-term customers. We always work together with you, our principal, because you are the specialist in your field. Our translators are highly trained and very experienced specialists in their field. They are virtually all 'native speakers'. In addition to this all translations are double-checked.

A: Why pay for translation work if I can get it for free on the internet by way of a translating computer?

Q: There are machine translations that are free. These can be quite handy, but in very many cases the translation is extremely poor. For instance you have a Hungarian text in front of you. The chances of you understanding this text are virtually 0%. If you make a machine translation into Dutch, chances are that a largely incomprehensible text is the result. Research shows that a translating computer has a success rate of anywhere between 0% and 40%, maybe it is slightly higher in an exceptional case, but that is still far from being sufficient.

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